Helen Conneely


The Celtic Roots studio based in the midlands of Ireland create the most exquisite bogwood sculptures. The ancient material is over 5000 years old. Each piece is uniquely designed and sculpted by hand from age-old bog oak, yew and pine that have lain hidden beneath the bogs and have come to the surface as a result of turf cutting.

The elegant and dramatic forms created by the young artists at the studio are a celebration of both our rich Irish heritage and the unique landscape of our boglands. The wood is dried very slowly and then each piece is painstakingly worked on by the artist to release its’ form and to highlight it’s colour and grain. The artist’s final touch is perfected with a natural polishing of beeswax.

The studio also creates one-off commissions, awards, collections and corporate gifts. The retail gallery is open all year round and includes the history of the wood, other Irish artists work and tea rooms. Laser engravings on gifts for special occasions can be completed in house, while you wait.